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ITN is recognized industry-wide as the leader in developing and employing technology for effective end-to-end television execution through automation and predictive machine learning. Our proprietary network of software and extensive experience managing high volumes of activity through changing market conditions provides ITN with unparalleled tools to capitalize on trends and inventory opportunities that best address the needs of the direct response marketplace.

ITN’s platform provides clients with the most accurate clearance and spending information on a timely basis, enabling effective, actionable decisions in response to clients’ needs based on performance data, providing the optimum balance between channel targets, price and clearance to maximize results.


ITN provides clients with streamlined access to the detached pools of local commercial inventory across cable networks, bringing to market a new source of valuable, scalable, and easily accessible audience with the timeliness and efficiency required by direct response advertisers. ITN is built to meet an established set of guidelines by working directly with our charter clients and agencies to address specific needs of the direct response marketplace:

  • Fair Rates by Individual Cable Network Based on ROI Feedback
    National rates adjusted for current footprint of available inventory
  • Customized Packages of Cable Networks Based on Your Design
    Select the networks your data says will work – no forced packaging
  • Timely, Accurate Clearance and Spending Data
    Verified 98%+ accurate by Thursday morning following each week
  • Individual Network Posting and Reconciliation
    Ordered units & dollars / Cleared units & dollars by each network in a package
  • Weekly Adjustments to Maximize Performance
    Adds and cuts based on response rates, price and clearance optimization
  • Broadcast Supplement to Cable Footprint
    Combined over 65% U.S. coverage / Fuels higher cost-per-lead performance


Setting ITN apart is the significant volume of traditional branded activity that ITN airs locally across broadcast television stations, which provides ITN with unique leverage to capitalize on emerging inventory opportunities for direct response. Having pioneered the “unwired” network concept for television in 1983, ITN places hundreds of millions of dollars annually across more than 800 broadcast television stations every week, 52 weeks per year, at non-remnant prices, securing premium program and time period concentrations for our established national broadcast networks. ITN leverages these dollars and strong relationships with stations to explore and test new revenue opportunities and different models, including remnant and programmatic inventory buying opportunities made available exclusively to ITN on a weekly basis.

ITN Broadcast Works!!

The broadcast television inventory that ITN is able to include with cable in our direct response offerings is proving to act as fuel-injection to direct response plans.

  • ITN Secures Unparalleled Scale of Broadcast Clearance with Efficiency
  • Cable is Frequently Over-Saturated with Direct Response Competition
  • Broadcast Regularly Reaches New or Different Viewers
  • Broadcast Provides Direct Response Brands with Greater Share of Voice

Across all tests, the inclusion of ITN’s exclusive broadcast inventory results in outstanding call volume and conversions rates. In addition to 30s and 60s, local broadcast also enables ITN to offer clearance of 90 and 120 second commercials, which often prove to drive greater response rates than commercials of shorter lengths.