ITN ProVantage Platform

Built from the unique vantage point of working within television, over decades, to streamline and automate all aspects, ProVantage is the most scalable, capable, and fully operating end-to-end programmatic solution for linear television.

ITN is the only “programmatic” player built specifically to address the unique challenges of linear television, where more than 80% of all time spent with “video” exists.

ITN ProVantage uses historical, near-time, and real-time data to automate:

  • Review, Acquisition, and Ingestion of Inventory
  • Analysis, Optimization and Allocation of Schedules
  • Execution of Transactions and Communications
  • Daily Stewardship and Schedule Management

As viewers migrate to new platforms to access video content, and new data sources enable greater targeting and effectiveness, ITN expands its platform, with data and inventory solutions both from ITN and client, agency, and supplier partners to follow consumers across multiple video touch points.

Now, for the first time, ITN is making this proprietary, cutting-edge technology network, data proficiency, automation systems, and inventory solutions available for external use.

Introducing the ITN ProVantageX Platform.


 Real Programmatic Television